Transdermal electroporation

Deeper, more effective, better.

What is it?

Electroporation is a system for the transdermal introduction of active ingredients by applying specific electrical pulses to the skin. It allows the introduction of active ingredients of molecular sizes hundreds of times greater than those that we could introduce in a conventional topical way.

Depending on the pulse applied, we are able to open pores in the stratum corneum, intercellular channels in the epidermis and dermis, as well as to achieve pores in the cell membranes to achieve the introduction of the active ingredients inside them.

Sisneo Bioscience's Mesolux device manages to effectively perform the three types of opening, achieving results far superior to any other devices on the market.


Electroporation Vs Mesotherapy

With electroporation, the active ingredients reach a greater area in the treatment compared to other more invasive techniques.

Products designed for conventional (injected) mesotherapy have very low concentrations to avoid possible adverse effects on the skin, since at a microscopic level very high volumes of product are introduced at specific points, leaving the rest of the tissue untreated.

However, by electroporation we managed to permeabilize all the tissue, achieving a uniform distribution of the active ingredient. That is why we can safely use products with concentrations much higher than conventional products, achieving unprecedented results.


Formulated for electroporation

Mesoactives is the first product line specifically designed for introduction by transdermal electroporation. The Mesoactives line is much more than any existing product, in a vial of only 2 ml for facial treatments and 2 x 2.5 ml for body treatments.

Ultra Concentrated

Mesoactives line products have extremely high concentration of the newest active ingredients on the market. The results are amazing.


Transdermal Introduction

Advanced transdermal delivery systems, nanoencapsulated protected by Z potential, peptides, growth factors, stem cells, super antioxidants, very low molecular weight hyaluronic ... whichever way you look at it, it is the most powerful line for transdermal introduction ever created. Hence, introduced with a high-performance electroporation device, we can obtain superior results than those achieved with conventional mesotherapy.



REALDEEP Technology

REALDEEP® technology allows the introduction of several molecular weight active ingredients into the different layers of the skin by means of high-voltage pulses.

Mesolux device allows the introduction of all types of active ingredients, thus being able to perform innumerable medical and / or aesthetic treatments depending on the product introduced.

In this way, through its specific electrodes, you can perform all types of facial, hair and body treatments.


Transdermal Electroporation device.

REALDEEP technology

Up to 100 times more powerful than conventional devices. Safe, non-invasive and completely painless.

Combination with Biophotonic Therapy

Biophotonic Therapy consists of the conversion of light energy within the spectrum of visible light, through chemical and physical reactions that lead to molecular changes on the skin. Depending on their wave lengths, it will act on some molecules or others in a completely selective way (chromophores), thus being able to carry out the desired treatment in a specific way.

633 nm. Dermal matrix renewal.
420 nm. Bacteria P. acnes.


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